Sorry 08/24/2009
Guess I haven't blogged in a while.  I'll try to blog more.
Thank You to You 04/19/2009

Thank you to everyone who's been to this site.

Ideas 04/05/2009

Got any  ideas?  I think I should add a new page... 

Thanks 04/05/2009

Thanks a lot Weebly! 

Fortunes 04/05/2009

I wish I could update the Fortunes page...

New Stuff 04/04/2009

Like the new stuff?  I think the animals are so cute...  Who's your favorite? 

Joke Page 03/15/2009

Do you like our joke page?  We will be adding some more!  Also, if you comment, please put your name. 

Welcome 03/15/2009

Welcome.  I hope you like this Yashish site.