1.Why couldn't the skeleton go to the ghoul's school disco?  He had no body to go with!
2.What's an American cat's favorite car?  A Catillac! 
3.On which day do monsters eat people?  Chewsday!                                                                                           4.Where do horses live? In neigh-borhoods!                                                                                                         5.What did the girl do after she drank 8 sodas? She burped 7UP!
6.Why did the boy freeze his money? He wanted cold, hard catch!                                                                     
7.Why did Tigger look inside the toilet? He looking for Pooh!
8.What kind of tooth is worth a dollar? A buck tooth!
9.Why did the girl tiptoe past the medicine closet? She didn't want to wake up the sleeping pills! 
10.What kind of critters do secret agents like? Spy-ders!
11.What did the naughty bunny leave for Easter? Deviled Eggs!
12.What do lions call antelopes? Fast food!


A Riddle

What's Earth's necklace?                                         The rainbow.  

Name: Candy
Favourite Food: Fish
Adopted on: 4/3/09

Name: Summer
Favourite Food: Bark
Adopted on: 4/3/09

Name: Spice
Favourite Food: Cat Food
Adopted on: 4/4/09

Name: Sweetie
Favourite Food: Squid
Adopted on: 4/3/09

Name: Sugar
Favourite Food: Carrots
Adopted on: 4/3/09

Name: Mimi
Favourite Food: Bananas
Adopted on: 4/3/09

Name: Cookie
Favourite Food: Hay
Adopted on: 4/3/09

Favourite Food: Nuts
Adopted on:4/3/09