Hi.  My name is Yashi.  I'm funny and fall off cliffs a lot [sometimes on purpose].  I also eat a ton of food, but my favorites are udon noodles and any kind of candy.  This is me in my clown pants.  Here are some more photos of me.

Star Wars Mickey and Yashi

Here I am with my idol Mickey, dressed up as Jedi Mickey [from Star Wars].  And... 

Mickey Mouse and Gang with Yashi

the rest of the Disney Gang, Mickey, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse!

Yashi and Baby Yashi

This is me with Baby Yashi [don't ask].  The next one is us with french pastries.  Yum!

Yashi and Instruments

See?  I practice my instruments everyday!  Well, mostly.  Below is a picture of me hanging out.  

Happy Birthday!

My Birthday!  The cake reads 'Happy Birthday Yashi'.


 I have to eat too!  There's hotdogs, a kebab, soda and some sauce at this barbeque.  I'm wearing my outfit of a New York shirt and my swimsuit bottoms.  Wait till you see my hoodies!  Anyways, dig in!

Trapped Yashi

I kind of got stuck in here.  Can you help me out?